Located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border, Guthrie is named after James Guthrie, former US Senator from Kentucky and one-time president of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad –the company that built the first major switch track in Guthrie. Guthrie’s early years were dependent on the railroad and this carried through for years to come when other rail lines would be routed through the town. Both north-south and east-west lines marked the town as a major destination throughout the golden era of the railroad. Today Guthrie continues to thrive as a regional railroad hub served by both CSX Transportation and R.J. Corman Railroad.

Guthrie is proud to be the home of the nation’s first poet laureate and three time Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Penn Warren. The small brick home where Warren was born in 1905 is located on the corner of Third and Cherry. Now a museum, the house is complete antiques that reflect Warren’s turn-of-the-century childhood. A complete set of books by Warren can be viewed in the museum’s library and the house also holds a private collection of rare first edition signed copies of Warren’s books. The museum houses photographs of the Warren family, artifacts relating to the history of the town and many of Warren’s childhood possessions.

Guthrie is a place to build a home, start a family, and embark on a business endeavor or to spend your golden years of retirement. A peaceful place to relax and enjoy after a stressful day. Our city is unique and outside of the commonplace. A place where friends are always welcome. A place in this beautiful Commonwealth we are proud to call home.