City Council

110 Kendall Street, Guthrie, Ky 42234
Phone: 270-483-2909
Fax: 270-483-0717

City governments in Kentucky operate under one of three models: mayor-council, commission or city manager. Guthrie operates under the mayor-council model. The mayor-council plan operates much like any executive-legislative form of government. The council, as the legislative body, performs legislative duties such as enacting ordinances, levying taxes, and adopting a budget. The mayor holds executive powers such as vetoing legislation, overseeing personnel and managing the daily affairs of the city. The mayor may also vote to break most ties in council meetings. Around 53 percent of Kentucky cities use this form, and all have between six and twelve council members. Guthrie has six council members.

Guthrie Council Members

Mary Charles King

Norma Johnson 

Jimmy Covington

Pam Turner

Terri Tilghman-Douglas

Harry Green